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  • First Peer-to-peer learning platform
  • Single Dashboard Support
  • 3 Conversation Partners
  • 1 Guided Mentor
Problems we face
Bangladeshi curriculum teaches only reading and writing.
14% people lost their jobs due to lacking english speaking skills.
Number 1 skill for career degrowth is miscommunication.

How to Solve the


  • Speak English
  • Speak English with Peer
  • Speak English with Peer under a Mentor
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  • Be fluent in English
  • Don't learn speaking but practice
  • Understand foreigners' speech
  • Communicate better with your peers
  • Land a better Job
Customer Feedback
"BDT 800 Taka is too cheap for something so helpful, even if just the demo. With time, this English practicing solution can become the game-changer."
MD S.M. Shahin
Higher Secondary Student - living in Dhaka, Bangladesh
“Earlier I had taken one month's subscription. The live practice sessions changed my mindset about spoken English, and I made some new friends as well!”
Tanzila Pinky
Housewife - living in Malaysia
If One year practice with us doesn't
make you fluent in English we promise
100% money-back guarantee.
To put it simply, in this fast-paced world,
you either secure your place
with an excellent communication skill or
Permanently Lag Behind!
The choice is yours!
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